POD and Distribution.
Print On Demand and Worldwide Distribution and Fulfillment.

No hassle POD / Wholesale Ordering and Fulfillment.

We take out the guess work for you by providing a full turnkey solution. Our POD solution is a straight forward, no nonsense platform for you to have the most success.

Using our distribution strength, your book always appears in stock and available to all customers worldwide. With over 85,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 140 countries your titles will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. With print to order, your book is printed and ready for shipment in 12-48 hours for all distribution venues. (HC excluded)

All POD packages include

  • ISBN
  • Library of Congress Number and Registration
  • Library of Congress book submission
  • DOI for all academic titles
  • Bar Code
  • Worldwide Pricing in 17 Currencies
  • Interior Layout / Full Formatting – Black and White or Color
  • Cover Finish - Gloss or Matte
  • Perfect Bound
  • 50lb stock
  • No additional fees for interior graphics / photos
  • Worldwide Distribution – Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. (see full distribution list)
  • Priority Distribution to Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Bibliography Cataloging Distribution
  • Meta Data – Key Word Tagging
  • Book Order Fulfillment
  • Page Count 18 – 1200
  • White or Cream Interior Pages
  • Unlimited Wholesale Printing
  • Non-Exclusive Contract
  • Author Maintains All Rights
  • Unlimited Telephone Consulting
  • One layout revision on proof.
  • Print to Author
  • Print to Customer
  • Print to Warehouse

*Ingram Advance and Return Insurance are both available for an extra fee - please review our 'packages' page for details.



In order to use our services you must agree to our Terms and Conditions as well as own eBook and or rights to your book in order for First Edition Design to publish electronically.

FAQ's - Privacy Statement - Terms and Conditions


POD and Distribution Pricing.

Print On Demand / Worldwide Distribution - Please click on our Packages tab to place order.

Small Paperback (5 x 7, 5 x 8, 5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9) Package - Perfect


Children's Full Color 8.5 x 8.5 - Perfectbound, Paperback, Hardcover Case and Laminate available
up to 900 pages

$599.00 Perfectbound / Laminate Hard Cover Upgrade 259.00

Large Paperback 8.5 x 11 Package



To Order Author Copies, we have a 5 book minimum as this helps off-set your shipping costs. You can order less, however the shipping will be the same cost at 5 copies as it is for 1 copy.

Author copy price is dependent on page count and ship to address.
Request pricing via your First Edition Design Publishing online account.
Same day order processing.
We ship from the following areas: USA, UK, Russia, S. America, and Australia.


We do offer Publisher accounts - Please call or email for Publisher Qualifications / Discount rate.


NEW TRIM SIZE - 8 x 8 Case Laminate Hard Cover


We offer 24 different size books as well as full color interior and hard cover options. Please call or email for custom quote if your requirements differ from the package sizes we offer online. All small paperback = 6 x 9 or smaller.

Additional services can be ordered on our packages page.

Annual mandatory renewal fee to keep book in circulation - $45.00. Payable 30 prior to annual anniversary of submission date per title.

Requirements for POD submission include manuscript and cover art. Please visit our FAQ page for further information. If you did not see your question on our website - please email or give us a call.


Today I got the 10 books I ordered and must tell you how wonderful they look! This is a piece of FINE publishing. Thank you.

J.G. PhD





Q. Who sets the price for my book?

A. You control the price. Keep in mind a print book is different than an eBook. With an eBook the price is changed electronically on the fly, a print book has your price encoded in the barcode. We can generate a new bar code for you (after 60 days of first submission per title), however a fee is associated with any change after proof has been signed off on. We will also work with you to set the optimal price for your book.


Q. Do you have return insurance?

A. Yes - we have a return program that will place your title into 'returnable' status. The program costs are conducive to which territory you want to purchase the program in - we offer USA, CAN, UK, EUR (minus the UK), AUS and RUS. Please see our packages page for pricing details.

Click here for FAQs on our return program.


Q. How do I see my book sales?

A. When you are a First Edition Design Publishing client, you will be assigned an online account that you can access 24/7. As sales are reported to us, they will be updated in your account. It normally takes 2-3 months before the first sales are reported into your account. Example - sales that take place in January, may not show into your account until March. For full details visit our FAQ section tab at the top of this page.


Q. My book says it is in stock everywhere, but I don't see the sales listed.

A. Retailers keep a virtual stock. When someone orders your book, the retailer in turn orders the book via POD. This is a very smooth instant transaction. Within seconds of a customer order, the POD system receives the order electronically and the title is shipped out to the end user - normally within 24 hours. Once the book ships, the sale will be reported within 30 - 90 days depending on when we receive reports from the bookseller / distribution venue. You will be able to view these sales online in your First Edition Design Publishing account.


Q. When will I be billed the annual fee?

A.The first year fee is included in your package price. You will be billed $45.00 for you second year 30 days prior to your one-year anniversary of submission of your initial order. If the fee is not paid, your book will be removed from circulation. This fee covers all bibliography cataloging and storage fees of your files.


Q. I want to make a revision - what do I need to do?

A. We view your book as two parts: the interior and the cover art. Each part is treated separately. Each part carries a revision fee of $165.00. In order to place your revision request, go to our packages tab and order "POD revision". This is for Black and White interiors with full Color Cover only. You will have to call or email to get a quote on full color interior revisions as that price is calculated by the page count of the book.


Q. Can I have graphics?

A. Yes - All POD books must have high res 300dpi graphics. If the book has a black and white interior all graphics must be black and white / grayscale. Color interior books must have high res 300dpi graphics. All graphics must be embedded in the manuscript.


Q. My graphics are in color, but I want them in black and white / grayscale - can you help?

A. Yes, we will take your high res graphics and grayscale them for you at no additional charge.


Q. How do I price my book?

A. You set the price, but we will give you some guidelines. - However keep in mind there is a standard. If you follow the standard, chances are your royalties and sales will be maximized. Upon completion of processing your POD - we will give you a free price evaluation. This will provide you with an accurate royalty rate and author cost.


Q. Will my book be a paperback or hardcover?

All POD books are processed as a paperback. You can upgrade to an additional type of media, such as a hardcover cloth or case laminate or cloth with dust jacket. However you need to have the standard POD paperback created first or in addition to the hardcover.


Q. Will you edit and proofread my book?

No, we assume the file you give us has already been edited and proofread. We do offer these services as an option. However, if we come across a blatant spelling or grammatical error, we will fix the error. If we come across something that is questionable, we will email you for clarification.


Q. What are the returns and claims policies?

A. Books are printed on demand, which means that the book is printed when it is ordered. Print-on-demand orders are non-returnable and non-refundable, except in the event of poor print quality or an error in quantity. Please report quality or quantity issues to Customer Service   immediately upon receipt of the order. (support@firsteditiondesign.com) All claims must be filed within 30 days of shipment receipt. All distribution venues / booksellers have their own return policy - please see individual sites for more information. Most venues will hold back royalties for 30 to 60 days to assure all charge backs are accounted. We do offer return insurance for those needing your status as 'returnable'. This will allow the bricks and mortar stores to carry your book if they so choose.


Q. Can I use my own ISBN number?

A. No, all ISBN's belong to the publisher. First Edition Design Publishing uses our own ISBN's on all ebooks and print books. We do this for various reasons. We attach meta data, key word tagging, short and long descriptions, pricing, availability, rights distribution, and much more to the ISBN. Many of our cataloging venues strictly use our ISBN as the data source for the title. We maintain this information on a regular basis.


Q. Some other companies let you pick the discounted rate - can I do this with First Edition Design Publishing?

A. YES and NO. Depending on the various venues and contracts we have in place - we maximize the highest royalty rate along with the widest distribution for your book. First Edition Design Publishing has founded its business practice on the largest visibility possible for each and every title. We believe every potential reader around the world should have access to your title. This is why we pride ourselves on having the largest distribution in the industry. Almost all our contracts are listed with a 30% - 40% discount on POD an 30% on eBook. In order to calculate your exact royalty return on a POD we need the final page count of your book and the suggested retail price. We like to ensure all POD authors retain at least $3.00 per copy sold. You are always welcome to send in your manuscript for a free evaluation.

POD Shelving Rate is a different type of program. The industry dictates that if your book is listed with a 55% trade discount and your book has 'return status', your title is eligible to be accepted for bricks and mortar shelving. This can include retail stores such as Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Target, Grocery Stores, Gift Stores, Costco, Sams Club, Specialty Stores such as Williams and Sonoma and the like. In order to participate in this program you have to make sure you do two things - one, on the submission form that you submit to us, after you place your order - make sure you check the box that says '55%' and make sure you order the 'bookseller return program' for the territories you are interested in. We will work with you to optimize the suggested retail pricing in ensure a fair royalty is programmed into the pricing. The 'bookseller return program' is good for 2 years. You will automatically receive a renewal statement at 23 months. At that time you can decide if you want to continue with the program or not. If you choose to discontinue the program, just send us an email at the time you receive the new invoice and we will reverse the fee out and cancel the 'bookseller return program' at completion of the 24 months. If this program is something you are interested in, it is highly recommended that you order the program from the onset of your order, as ordering the program at a later date can cause much delay in propagating the discount and a return status, not to mention if the pricing is not correctly listed on the back of your book to reflect a 55% discount, you will have to pay an additional 165.00 re-submission fee to have the cover re-priced correctly. This is not to say it cannot be done after the fact that your book has already been circulated, however the process will be more costly and not time efficient. Booksellers like to see this status from the release of a new title and are more prone to consider the title for shelving, than if these changes take place after the book is already been circulating.


Q. How do I know how much I am making on each book?

A. We try and set a price point where the author is retaining at least $3.00 per copy sold. The retail price is based on that objective. The retail price must include the print cost of the book, which comes off the top, and followed by the bookseller taking a 40% discount and 60% back to you. As long as that 60% is $3.00 or more, we will set the price. If your desired price comes under $3.00, you will have to have your request approved by one of our executive editors.


Do not confuse your author copy price with the print price that our distribution vendors pay. Distribution venues pay a higher fee due to expedited shipping, printing and processing.


Q. How much will it cost me to buy my own book - (author copy)?

A. Once we have a final page count of your book, we will provide you with your author copy cost as well as post your author copy price into your online account. To place an order for Author Copies, please send request through the support button within your account page. You can also call us at any time to place the order. If you would like an estimated Author Copy Price ahead of time, just give us a call or send an email. Let us know the size of the book and page count.


Q. Where is my book going to be distributed?

A. If you are an author, you probably know by now that Ingram and Baker & Taylor are the granddaddies in the industry - However, in addition to distributing to Ingram and Baker & Taylor - we do not stop there. We are continually growing our list and currently cover every country in the world by multiple venues in each country. Please see our distribution list for further details. We are proud to say "we are the largest Master Distributor in the industry."

If you ordered POD service with the bookseller retrun program and a 55% discount, we will also provide your title with additional distribution to include up to 10 direct feeds with physical book samples to be sent to various distribution partners.


Q. I have a children's book, however I am not sure which age group is appropriate - can you help?

A. This is a pretty good guideline, also please make note when submitting your manuscript to us to tell us which age group your book falls into.

  • Baby to age 2 – Board books
  • Ages 3-5/Preschool – Picture books
  • Ages 6-8/Kindergarten-2nd grade – Early leveled readers; first chapter books
  • Ages 9-11/3rd grade-5th grade – Middle-grade chapter books
  • Ages 12-14/6th grade-8th grade – Teen and young adult chapter books (mainly aimed at middle school readers)
  • Ages 15-18/9th grade-12th grade – Teen and young adult chapter books (mainly aimed at high school readers)


Q. If I still have a question - who can I talk with?

A. You have options -

  • Give us a call at 941-921-2607
  • You can email us at support@firsteditiondesign.com
  • You can check out our online CHAT which is available on our "contact us" page.
  • If you have an account already with us - login to your account and place a support ticket.




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